“I want to put on record the excellent knowledge about the voice of D. Luca D’Annunzio and his great pedagogy when preparing Singers. This year 2019 I had the immense pleasure of performing several recitals with a number of his students and I have to say that I was immensely surprised by the quality of the voices that Mr. D’Annunzio had prepared. As an Accompanist it was a discovery to meet someone as professional and excellent a teacher as Mr. D’Annunzio.”

Óscar Lobete, pianist

“This young maestro carries a technical school of great value for opera today, as he is a scholar of the teachings of the Italian school. Due to the seriousness of his work and his unconditional dedication, he has been distinguished with a scholarship through the “National Research Scholarship Contest” of the National Fund for the Arts (Secretary of Culture of the Argentine Nation) in order to enable him to deepen his studies and spread his work through lectures, master classes and the publication of his writings.”

National Fund for the Arts, Argentina

“As a professional pianist, I’ve been working in Spain for 23 years, in close contact with the world of singing. I met Luca D’Annunzio shortly after his arrival in Madrid, and I can affirm without a shadow of a doubt that he is an exceptional musician. I am witness to the profound impact that his teachings have on his pupils, and from the beginning of our relationship have been evident his innate qualities, such as his vocation as a pedagogue, his passion for art, his discipline, his generosity, his sensitivity. Well aware that natural talents are not enough to become a great artist, he has put a great effort in perfecting himself from an early age, with an unusual energy and capacity for labor. His hard work, allied to his wonderful gifts, make him a true and rare heir of the great Italian vocal tradition, as well as an accomplished pianist.”

Dr. Alexandre Alcantara, pianist

“Luca D’Annunzio is a rare encounter of a remarkably accomplished pianist, equally at ease in chamber music as well as the grand solo repertoire, and an astonishing knowledgeable scholar of the 19th century Italian school of singing. He is a voice teacher with unfailing ear, method and demanding musical standards. His is a school deeply rooted in the tradition of Italian theatre and drama with a solid technical foundation harking back to a time when a particular aesthetics and sound philosophy, forgotten in modern musical teaching establishments, meant something. This school allows singers to be heard and understood to the back of the stalls throughout all the vocal range with colour and beauty, the text and the phrasing being part of one same tapestry. Some of his pupils are already drawing attention and making their marks in Spain, and I am sure that soon some of them will become household names in the opera world. In my thirty or more years as a singer I have rarely met someone so young and capable of imparting such sound technical expertise and repertoire advice with the self-confidence that most professionals would take many years to acquire. I have no doubt he will become a reference to reckon with.”

Carlos Pérez Mansilla, tenor