“From the beginning of my studies I sought to fully develop my vocal qualities, which led me to receive lessons in technique and repertoire with important singers and teachers in the USA, Mexico, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria and Spain. Only when I met Luca D’Annunzio did I realize that I was standing in front of a true singing master. From our first contact I could feel the connection with the true tradition of the art of singing, and, through his words and actions, his extensive knowledge of the subject was evident to me.

His method is not based, like that of most current teachers, on metaphors, feelings —which can change every day—, sensations, gestures or movements of the body and other “techniques” that in the end only manage to confuse the student; it is a clear, concise method based on the physiological laws of the voice. This way of studying makes me feel safe, it guides me with a firm step, it teaches me to listen and develop my voice in a healthy, free, powerful, clear and, above all, beautiful way. I believe that this methodology is essential in this day and age, since nowadays the technical study of the voice has lost all its rigor.

In this sense, he is a pedagogue who does not skip steps and who respects the ancient sequence of learning, beginning with the studies of the simple emission of sound through the art of vocalization, which is so lost nowadays despite being, in my opinion, what every voice needs to develop its full potential, since the full mastery of the instrument is the basis on which subsequent studies of repertoire are built. Today we approach the score from the first day and we intend to learn from it, when we should only arrive at it with everything already learned.

In addition to being a craftsman of the voice, Luca D’Annunzio is a teacher who possesses a wide historical and musical knowledge, which, added to his gifts as a great pianist, allows him to guide the singer in the right interpretation of the works according to the intention of the composers, respecting style and vocality.

Luca D’Annunzio doesn’t just train me in vocal and stylistic matters. Alongside him I obtain a wealth of knowledge gained after centuries of research, since his training comes from the great masters who trained the singers who collaborated with the great composers of the past centuries and who were truly dedicated to developing the art of singing.”

Guiomar Cantó, Spanish soprano.
April 2019.