“I have been a professional singer for 25 years, and 4 years ago I started working with maestro Luca D’Annunzio. My experience with him has made my vocal technique open to new dimensions of what the art of singing can be, and I could enter into an almost unknown world, grasping concepts I did not even know existed. All this baggage that he puts at our service makes him, due to his unique formation, one of the most complete masters in the panorama of opera nowadays: he is a great pedagogue, a great musician, a great human being but above all he is as humble as he is great.

I am deeply grateful to my dear teacher Luca D’Annunzio for these new worlds he opens to me day by day through his lessons and I hope that the seed he is leaving in the new generations is the beginning of the return to the origins of the true art of singing.”

Solange Aroca, Colombian soprano.
June 2019.